Telecom Service Management

Better Provision and Manage Network Inventory

Digitize and centralize network inventory, ordering, and all other service management processes with Sakon.
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What is Telecom Service Management?
This solution connects your entire telecom operation through one platform, enabling our team or your’s to deliver proactive care and maximize the quality of service.
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The Benefits You Can Expect

The right telecom service management solution for your organization can be customized by choosing from a suite of provisioning applications and managed services. Sakon delivers:
Improved Telecom Inventory Data
Say goodbye to complexity and hello to integrated service orders, quotes, and contracts with optimized vendor and enterprise data.
Obtain Clear Sourcing View
Clear vision makes for clear next steps. Unite contracts, quotes, and details with enterprise data to obtain real-time and actionable inventory sourcing reports.
Simplify Network Quote Management
Track and benchmark telecom services, invite vendors to bid on network services, then manage the selection process through a single interface.
Modernize Provisioning Process
Simplify network order management by integrating and automating the global network ordering process via customized catalogs, workflows, and inventory integration.
Streamline Helpdesk Services
Better manage tickets, reduce downtime, and improve network performance by leveraging a purpose-built ticketing system, available 24/7.
Manage Network Transformations
Track spend, orders, and bandwidth changes as you update the network to support cloud and data center applications.
Integrate with ServiceNow
Leverage your existing IT investment in ServiceNow with two-way APIs to track and manage requests, enrich inventory data, and enhance automation.

A best-in-class solution

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Make Better, Smarter, Faster Decisions

We help clients reduce operational costs, increase insights, and optimize employee performance. It’s time you learn more about our telecom service management solution.