The Comprehensive Telecom Management Platform

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  • If network sprawl, siloed data, and manual processes have you down, you can get to where you need to be with Sakon.

The Ultimate Data Model for Telecom Management.

Synkronize brings all of the scattered, disparate elements of your global telecom infrastructure together in one place, normalizes them, and makes them easy to manage.


Vendor Integrations

Using secure APIs and integrations, the platform connects to enterprise applications, vendor systems, and third-party data sources.

The platform unifies the vendor, enterprise, and transactional information into a logical data model.

The platform applies logic to organize, cleanse, and normalize information across geographies, carriers, and currencies for visibility.

The platform applies the industry's only proven and effective invoice to contract to inventory matching, as well as automated invoice checks, to continuously verify the data.

Workflow Your Telecom

Sakon Workflows provides a complete business process automation engine tailored to the needs of Telecom Accounts Payable, Network Services, and IT Procurement. Approve invoices, chargeback costs to business units, pay bills, order services, and manage inventory with a few clicks.
Rule based data flows-3
The Sakon partnership has been instrumental in allowing Dollar Tree to automate our Telecom
Invoice Payment Process, driving our costs down so we can continue to provide products at extreme values to our customers.

Unique Digital Experiences

Sakon's Solutions are designed to help your organization, perform better.


Sakon Solution:
We help enterprise Network Services teams drive maximum operational efficiencies and cost savings.
The Telecom Service Management solution helps enterprise Network Services teams drive maximum performance. Our solution simplifies finding the best services, managing vendor quotes, automating provisioning workflows, and maintaining real-time inventory.


The Telecom Expense Management solution helps enterprise Finance and Accounting professionals with automating invoice acquisition, expense validation and chargeback as well as bill payment. The solution improves efficiencies and does away with waste - such as, over-billing for unused services.


The Telecom Cost Optimization solution helps enterprise IT Procurement professionals source better networks with real time demand sets and market data, manage vendors with performance and contract reporting and drive maximum network cost reductions - all backed by industry-leading guarantees.
Cost optimization, workflow automation, and reporting are only the beginning!

Download the Gartner TEM Market Guide

A lack of visibility into circuits and costs across your global communications service providers drives the need for a better telecom management solution. This guide provides a market recap of the leading providers and the value they bring.