Automated IoT and M2M Management

The Sakon Device Platform eliminates current challenges Enterprises face in getting complete visibility into IoT inventory, spend and usage.
USD 1,386.06 billion
The global IoT market is expected to reach a value of USD 1,386.06 billion by 2026

Key Challenges of Managing IoT and M2M Devices


Management of spend and inventory is not managed centrally. Asset and cost information is siloed and difficult to track.

Incomplete Self-Service

Vendor Portals for IoT and M2M services are primarily focused on handling bulk sim card transactions with Admin only access rights.

Data Limitations

Typical IoT and M2M inventory is focused on the SIM and associated service line number and not the device attributes such as model which is necessary for asset management, device refresh and auditing.

Managing IoT and M2M with Sakon's Future-Proof Approach

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The Sakon Device Platform provides enterprises a single platform to:

Ingest multiple sources of IoT and M2M data from carriers, service providers and the enterprise to generate a consolidated view, cross comparisons and analytics.

A single self-service experience for enterprises to manage procurement of devices and sim cards as well as maintenance activity such as replacements and disconnects.

The Sakon Device Platform has been designed to support and address internal and external use cases while providing the Enterprise a 360° to view their IoT and M2M inventory, spend and usage.
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Key Features and Benefits

Total Spend Visibility-1
Total Spend Visibility
Detailed Carrier Billing is uploaded and processes to provide full visibility into all the IoT/M2M spend and usage.
Persona Inclusive
Persona Inclusive
Designed to provide various levels of access rights and views in the platform with the end-user experience focused on the role within the Enterprise.
Detailed Asset Tracking
Detailed Asset Tracking
IoT and M2M inventory is managed differently than other solution providers by always considering the mobile number and associated sim card as separate inventory from the device.
Single Source of Truth-1
Single Source of Truth
Ability to ingest multiple sources of data whether it be from the Carrier, Enterprise Asset Management System, or other source of data for a single source of truth.

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