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Telecom Expense Management

For large enterprises, getting TEM right is both a strategic growth driver and a critical source of cost savings.


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Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expense management (TEM) is an evolving discipline dedicated to understanding, controlling, and, ultimately, reducing an enterprise’s communications spend.

Traditional TEM solutions initially focused on fixed-line networks, grew to incorporate mobile, and today are expanding into other tech categories, including the cloud, IoT, and SaaS.

TEM Changing With The Times

TEM services provide enterprises’ IT, procurement and finance departments with the ability to order, provision, support and manage costs of large-scale corporate communications and associated IT services with their inventories (such as fixed and mobile telephony and data, cloud license tracking and emerging IoT connectivity). In addition, they provide tools required for C-level technology strategic decision making.

Source: Gartner, "Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services, 2018,"
Lisa Unden-Farboud, Katja Ruud, Pablo Arriandiaga, 2 May 2018.

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A Truly Different Telecom Expense Management Company

TEM Differentiators


Three Keys to Flawless TEM


The foundation of the Sakon Platform for Telecom Expense Management, Enterprise Mobility, and SaaS Management is Synkronize, the company’s breakthrough inventory engine. Most enterprise TEM efforts fall flat because they lack an accurate, exhaustive, living inventory of network and end-user inventory. Synkronize solves that!

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3-Way Match

Don’t be fooled. While others claim “invoice validation,” Sakon uses its proprietary 3-Way Match technology to validate monthly invoices against contractual terms and network and device inventory to ensure companies only pay what they really owe, saving millions.

All-Star Services

Sakon’s award-winning services team, a group specializing in applying Sakon’s advanced technology, is your assurance that an investment in the Sakon Platform for Telecom Expense Management will drive substantial returns.

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Is it Telecom or Technology
Expense Management?


While the “telecom” in telecom expense management is still relevant – it is not unusual for large global companies to spend more than $100 million annually on telecom services – the term no longer adequately represents the scope of what the enterprise needs TEM solutions to control, namely “technology” expense management.

Sakon, a leader in traditional telecom expense management solutions since 2003, is now the standard bearer of the new TEM, technology expense management.


The Sakon Platform for Technology Expense Management, spanning TEM, mobility, and SaaS, provides a single system for IT and other enterprise decision makers to know and manage their networks, reducing costs by an average of 5% and as much as 10%. These savings are being reinvested by forward-thinking companies to transform their networks and businesses, driving even more savings and performance.



Sakon Technology Expense Management

When the "T" Stands for Technology

Sakon’s Technology Expense Management solutions leverage all of the invoice processing, validation, payment and allocation capabilities resident in the Sakon Telecom Expense Management solution, applying them – and added features – to both reduce the expense and complexity associated with managing telecom, enterprise mobility and SaaS initiatives, and enhance the end-user experience of these productivity-enhancing technologies.


Telecom Expense Management

Automates invoice acquisition, validation and payment while driving deep cost savings with Sakon’s proprietary 3-Way Match™ methodology.

  • Validate communication invoices prior to payment
  • Automate invoice payments to vendors
  • Modernize chargeback and recovery of telecom expenses

For more information on Sakon's Telecom Expense Management application, see details here.


Enterprise Mobility and MMS

The Sakon Platform provides a comprehensive global view of an enterprise’s mobile fleet across carriers, geographies, and device types, enabling organizations to provision, support, and optimize their mobility devices, services, and spend.

For more information on Sakon's Enterprise Mobility and MMS application, see details here.


UCaaS Subscription Management

The Sakon Platform provides an enterprise view of all employees' SaaS and UCaaS applications, enabling workers to efficiently communicate and collaborate while admins gain peace of mind knowing exactly what they are paying for.

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Gartner's 2020 Market Guide for TEM Services

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