What is Mobility Managed Services?


Mobility Managed Services (MMS) is a discipline focused on delivering the productivity and convenience of mobility to a geographically-dispersed employee base at scale – within the cost, compliance and security constraints of the enterprise and the ease-of-use and personalized, 24x7 service demands of end users. 


“As we talk with large enterprise customers about their mobility needs, a common set of pain points emerges, from providing employees a compliant, user-friendly, self-service experience to enabling administrators to orchestrate best-of-breed providers to streamline the procurement of mobile devices, validate and pay bills, optimize plans, and negotiate with carriers in an intelligent, data-driven way. Each of these challenges has been compounded by the variety of mobility ownership models – i.e. the ‘hybrid-mobility environment’ – now resident in the enterprise.”

Source: “The Age of Hybrid Mobility Is Here,” Amine Doukkali, Co-Founder & COO, Sakon, September 2018.

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Modern Mobility is All About the End User

The consumerization of IT

The consumerization of IT

Today, employees are at the center of the Enterprise Mobility universe. They come to work demanding an exceptional mobile experience, because they are already getting one in their daily lives. The latest devices, the best apps, high-performing networks, always-on customer service – they want it all, and they want it delivered flawlessly by their employers on the devices of their choosing.

The high, growing, and often unpredictable cost of mobility

The high, growing, and often unpredictable cost of mobility

As if this weren’t challenging enough, it is compounded by the rising cost of mobility. Devices today not only cost significantly more than they did just a few years ago (think $1,000 iPhones), the average number of mobile devices used, per employee, is also growing. 

Bottom line

Bottom line 

The legacy “corporate liable” model of enterprise mobility management, where businesses buy every work device and assign them to employees, is proving too expensive, inflexible, and unwieldy to meet the new demands of Modern Mobility, giving rise to more agile and personalized “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) and “mobile-device-as-a-service” (MDaaS) approaches.

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Modern Mobility is ‘Hybrid’

Today, these three mobile-device ownership models can co-exist within the enterprise, constituting a new norm called “hybrid mobility”:

Corporate Liable (CL)

The enterprise owns the devices and assigns them to users.

Here the enterprise owns the mobile device and assigns it to each employee; IT supports it throughout its lifecycle, including problem resolution, retirement of the device and ordering and provisioning new ones. Plans, usage and payment are managed internally by the company.

Key challenges: Device cost, lifecycle management/ administrative costs, carrier relations and negotiations, program optimization, and employee satisfaction.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Users own their own devices and bring them to the workplace.

BYOD-mania began with the first wave of iPhones entering the workforce and has since waxed, waned, and is now waxing again. We believe it’s here to stay. The enterprise loves the idea of not owning devices, greatly reducing its capital expenditures – but managing this heterogenous device horde is another matter.

Key challenges: Program administration, including stipend management/mobile reimburse-ments, security, and policy development and compliance. 

Mobile Device as a Service

The enterprise out-sources devices and management services from a third party.

MDaaS is an exciting development in mobility management that provides the enterprise all the devices it needs – refreshed regularly – and all the lifecycle management services it requires, including ordering, provisioning, MDM, Help Desk, break/fix, inventory & invoice management, bill pay, and reporting & analysis – all through one vendor and a single monthly bill. 

Key challenges: Adopting a new business model; selecting the right solution partner(s); transparency.

While each of these ownership models presents unique management challenges, hybrid mobility presents the enterprise the added challenge of managing them all at the same time, requiring a new, holistic approach. Sakon is the only technology company to provide a single platform to manage hybrid mobility in all its permutations and intricacy, enabling the enterprise to deliver employees an excellent, cost-effective, mobile experience.


The Right Platform

Corporate Liable, BYOD, MDaaS all have their place in the enterprise.

Companies need the right partner to manage them seamlessly, while delivering end-users the best possible mobile experience.

Employee-centric capabilities

Employee-centric capabilities

  • Order a device
  • Self-service
  • Help desk
  • Break/Fix
  • Plan and usage tracking
  • Billing history

That means full lifecycle support, an intuitive self-service app, and powerful management tools. That means Sakon.

Administrator-centric capabilities

Administrator-centric capabilities

  • Kitting and provisioning
  • MDM
  • Corporate compliance
  • Invoice validation and bill payment
  • Stipend management
  • Rate negotiation and optimization


Three Keys to Modern Mobility

The Sakon Platform

The Sakon Platform

Managing enterprise mobility means managing every step of every employee’s mobile journey. That’s a tall order. The Sakon Platform provides enterprise customers the one-stop-shop they need. It combines best-in-class mobile management lifecycle services and applications – developed in-house by Sakon and by a who’s who of the industry’s most elite mobile-service providers. And it orchestrates them so service delivery is seamless, easy to manage and consume, and cost effective. The Sakon Platform supports any device-ownership model, whether Corporate Liable, BYOD, or MDaaS, or any combination of the three.

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Mobile App

Mobile App

The Sakon Mobile App puts the power of managing the mobile experience directly in the hands of employees – literally. This intuitive, self-service application enables enterprise mobile users to monitor their accounts, order new devices, and get immediate access to Help Deskand Break/Fix services – all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

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MDaaS (Mobile Device as a Service)

MDaaS (Mobile Device as a Service)

With costs rising dramatically – and often unpredictably – enterprises are hungry for new approaches to shed the pain and expense of mobility. Enter MDaaS with its compelling value proposition: trade in the high cost of buying devices and managing mobility at enterprise scale for a single monthly bill and expert service delivery. With MDaaS by Sakon, Enterprise Mobility is that simple.

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Gaining a Mobility Advantage

Enterprise mobility is on the move. The time to start managing it well is now.

Lifecycle services to orchestrate. End users to delight.

Many ownership models. One platform.

Problem solved.



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