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Network Inventory Management

Gain complete visibility into your entire network inventory in a single platform.



Manage your network inventory

Network Services are being asked to meet high-level strategic goals on a reduced budget. This requires having deep insight into the network inventory to answer critical questions: What services do we have? How much do we spend? And how do we reduce costs?


Network Inventory



Quoting Tools


ROI Management


Fiber Locator & Market Data 

Sakon Network Inventory Management

Capture Inventory in One Place

  • Obtain high-quality, location-based detail of lines, circuits and equipment.
  • Align inventory to user, business unit and organizational hierarchy.

Visualize Your Network Costs

  • Automatically paints the topography of the enterprise WAN.
  • Accurate listing of WAN connections between sites.
  • Ability to visualize pre- and post-transformation topology and costs.

Automate Quoting with Approved Vendors

  • Generate Quote Requests to Multiple Vendors.
  • Streamline vendor management via Vendor Portal.
  • Analyze bids to Ensure Competitive Pricing.
  • Award Contracts.

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Manage Circuit Orders

  • Provide intuitive user experience with customized catalog.
  • Includes guided ordering and extensive self-help.
  • Track order status throughout the order lifecycle.
  • Built-in metric tracking for performance evaluation.
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Track Network Transformation ROI

  • Integration with order management system allows real-time dashboarding on installs, changes and disconnects.
  • Track location level progress for change activity against the plan.
  • Track true savings and ROI as legacy costs decrease and new charges appear.
  • Allocate savings to business units.

Gain Access to Market Data, Fiber Locator and Real-Time Quoting

  • Lookup any location in the United States to find available Fiber Routes and nearby Data Centers.
  • Request quick quotes from 25+ connected vendors to receive near real-time competitive pricing on Internet, Private Lines, MPLS and SIP Trunks.
  • Learn about new technologies and analyze the associated service provider offerings.
  • Gain access to a library of over 500 provider case studies across industries and technologies.
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Gartner's 2021 Market Guide for TEM Services

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