Key Benefits

  • Optimize all costs Identify savings opportunities across the entire mobile estate to maximize mobile investments.


  • Eliminate overspend Find outlying devices (over usage, zero use and others) and take action to improve spend efficiency.


  • Save Time  Automate optimization to reduce time spent on manual management processes.

Expense Management Solution Highlights

BYOD Program Highlights

Invoice Management

Invoice Management and Auditing Solution

Invoice Management
  • Sakon Mobile ingests electronic invoice data on a monthly basis. The platform brings cost and usage data at the most granular level. Invoices are brought into the system in their native language, currency and units of measure; these are normalized for roll up reporting.


  • Services are assigned to users and the HR record provides the appropriate chargeback data. During implementation, we generally create a custom cost allocation file that conforms with the requirements of the customer’s financial system and processes.


  • The Sakon Mobile platform provides cost visibility at every level—user, line manager or enterprise administrator. 

Mobile optimization

Mobile Optimization Solution

Mobile optimization

Sakon takes a best practices approach to mobility optimization. We maximize mobile cost reduction by performing numerous cost elimination and plan optimization checks each month and implementing the approved recommendations with vendors. Key features of our optimization methodology are:


  • Comprehensive rate plan analysis incorporating usage trending algorithms and extensive rate plan library.

  • Comprehensive audit to ensure wireless vendor charges are correct for equipment purchases and rate plans.


  • Intuitive presentation of rate plan recommendation, along with automated approval process


  • Implementation management: Automated rate plan changes with vendors.


  • Savings verification reporting: Line level savings confirmation comparing baseline
    spend to optimized spend.




Sakon Awarded Entrepreneurial Company of the Year For Employee Mobile Experience by Frost and Sullivan

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