The Sakon + ServiceNow application makes it easier for employees to get the mobility support they desire while providing IT with the tools and data they need to automate and streamline mobility management in ServiceNow. 


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Create a simple mobile experience for your employees in ServiceNow



With Sakon Mobile, employees get access to a  request portal allowing them to order new devices, upgrade their current devices, and much more all within the ServiceNow platform.

IT Admins

With Sakon Mobile, IT Admins have full visibility into mobility data such as device inventory, mobile expense data,  carrier data, and more, all in the NOW platform. 



ServiceNow & Sakon Mobile

Where smart and easy meet...

Leverage and extend your ServiceNow platform with Sakon Mobile to provide a complete end-to-end mobility management solution.

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ServiceNow Powered by Sakon Mobile

Here's how it works

Employee places mobile request in ServiceNow Portal
Request goes to manager for approval
Request details sent to Sakon for processing
Sakon works with Vendors to fulfill the Request


Employee is notified of request updates
Employee receives their new smartphone or request is complete

Sakon provides essential services

for complete device lifecycle management




  • Request Management

  • Employee Management

  • Approval Workflow

  • User Eligibility

  • CMDB


  • Catalog Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Fulfillment Services

  • Cost/Expense Data 

  • Optimization Services 

  • MDM Data 

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