Kaiser Permanente uplifts internal customer experience

...by integrating the Sakon platform that could manage, orchestrate and support their device fleet, in-order to save thousands of employee hours.
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The Problem Statement
The decentralized device fleet, across multiple systems and regions, forced Kaiser Healthcare System to spend thousands of otherwise productive hours to manage it all manually.

Sakon Solution

With more than 85,000 clinicians and 12.4 million members, Kaiser Permanente needed a solution that was flexible, cost effective and give them freedom from device management responsibilities while ensuring their compliance policies.
The Sakon Platform provided visibility and auditability into Kaiser’s Mac as a Service program that showed exactly what happened in the system at any point in time to ensure compliance and cost allocation, along with a simple user experiences for their employees.

The Output



Devices Integrated


Working Hrs Saved


Annual Savings

How did we achieve that?

To manage, orchestrate and support their device fleet, Sakon Solution captured data from multiple systems including HR, MDM, ITSM and carrier. This helped to achieve a central view of mobile usage and to enabled consistent and reliable reporting.
Sakon’s Experience Mobile App enabled the users to self-serve and thus simplify the process for Kaiser Permanente in managing and supporting the device fleet.
Sakon also enabled their Mac as a Service initiative, by leveraging Sakon Platform capabilities.

Products & Services Utilised

The process involved in working close with Kaiser Permanente team to implement various custom designed products and services to bring in the desired end results.
Discover, track, and manage the end-to-end device lifecycle, from purchase to disposal.
Manage connectivity & provide visibility, traceability, & cost optimization for all devices.
Offer employees convenient self-service options through a portal or mobile app.
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Enhanced Employee Experience!

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Enhanced Employee Experience!

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