Sakon Introduces New Network Intelligence App
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Sakon Introduces New Network Intelligence App

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Sakon is excited to introduce a groundbreaking network intelligence application that will transform the way enterprises manage their network infrastructure costs and performance.     

Developed with advanced API first integrations, this innovative network intelligence app provides comprehensive and real-time insights into critical network metrics in a single view, which has been unattainable up till now. With its intuitive user interface and advanced analytics capabilities, this application provides an exceptional solution for network services leaders and enables informed decisions to optimize network price to performance like never before. 


Our New Network Intelligence Solution

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Sakon’s network intelligence is an add-on software to our Telecom Service Management solution. It leverages API integrations to your cloud-managed networks, from Cisco, Velocloud, Aruba, Fortinet, and more, as well as cloud wireless edge networking equipment, from Cradlepoint, Digi, and more. It then combines the performance, utilization, and throughput metrics of the circuits pulled from the APIs with the configuration and cost information native in Sakon. By doing so, your team finally has 360-degree visibility into your usage of the circuit and the true cost, including actual cost per megabyte. No one else has both sets of data in a single view, only Sakon.

“ We are so excited about the potential of Network Intelligence to help our business customers maximize the price to performance of their communications services. This innovation will fundamentally change Telecom Service Management. We couldn’t be more excited.” says Dan Hughes, President.

The insights gained from our Network Intelligence app can be used to improve your network performance, cost, and reliability. You may know how much of your budget is going towards telecom, but do you know how much is actually being used? Without this critical piece of the puzzle, it’s impossible to calculate your true cost. Let’s say you signed a great deal on a circuit for 2 gigabytes, but you’re only using a small amount of it on a daily basis. It’s quite likely you would be better off paying for a 200 megabyte circuit instead, right? Well up till now you likely wouldn’t have had that data at your fingertips to make these kinds of decisions. 

Now, you can pull and analyze the network data with a few clicks such as:

  • How much the circuit costs
  • The circuit availability over time
  • Where the circuit is installed
  • How much you’re using of that specific circuit
  • The actual cost per MB of the circuit
  • A benchmark across your industry

Let’s pay special attention to that last bullet point. Are you paying more than your competitor for your network usage? If so, you are going to be less cost-effective and struggle to stay competitive against enterprises with less overhead. On the other hand, imagine presenting to stakeholders that your organization has the lowest cost per megabyte in the industry! 

By providing real-time visibility into your enterprise’s network activity along with the costs and configurations, Sakon enables you to have this visibility, which helps ensure that your network is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What Problems Does it Help to Address? 

Modern network management remains complex. This is why we developed the Network Intelligence solution that tackles:

  • Siloed Network Data
  • Manual Workflows
  • Multiple Self-Service Portals
  • Lack of Benchmarks

Your enterprise could be mistakenly using a circuit that has no usage or paying for a lot more than you’re using. You can downgrade a circuit with the information provided by this tool. 

Network Intelligence also helps with vendor management. Third-party visibility into usage is key to having metrics that are without question. Thanks to advanced visibility not found elsewhere, you will be able to see the circuits that are up or down. You will no longer need to rely on vendor data and reports for circuit SLAs. This allows you to verify which circuits are working — and working well. If there is downtime, you will know it, and be able to get the credits you deserve. 

This is Only the Beginning!

Sakon is never one to rest on our laurels. Utilization data will grow over time as it is fed into our AI engine. This data will become extremely valuable as a benchmark. 

​​The data is inputted into our AI systems, commonly known as training data. This plays a crucial role in the development and operation of the AI system. During the training process, the AI system is fed data, which enables it to learn and enhance its performance over time. The AI system's ability to make informed decisions and deliver precise results will be crucial in your enterprise’s future decision making. As great as our network intelligence solutions are now, it will only get better, smarter, and more helpful from here!


Contact Our Team to Learn More

We’re looking forward to saving millions of dollars for our customers! This Network Intelligence app is currently an additional package upgrade, and is being rolled out to current clients for a small fee. This is only one way we show our drive to maximize cost to performance for our customers

No matter what macroeconomic trends may be happening, staying competitive and profitable is all about delivering the best quality products and services for the best price. This is made possible through Sakon’s offerings. To learn more about our platform or to add on this new network intelligence solution to your package, please contact our team


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