Jombay “1000 Women Leaders Program” Selects Member of Sakon Delegation for Top 10% Club
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Jombay “1000 Women Leaders Program” Selects Member of Sakon Delegation for Top 10% Club

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CONCORD, Mass., December 5, 2023 – Sakon, the leading platform and services provider for understanding, managing, and transforming enterprise communications, learned that one of its participants in the Jombay 1000 Women Leaders Program was chosen for the Top 10% Club. Jombay builds managers and leaders for today’s fast-changing world of work and is well-known for its talent interventions with Fortune 500 enterprises.

In July, 2023, as part of Sakon’s commitment to further develop its Women in Technology (WIT) initiative, the company delegated fifteen of its top performing women from across all disciplines to the Jombay program. And while Cleta Lobo has been named to the Top 10% Club of 1000 women, three other Sakon executives joined her as finalists (Jalaja Sandesh, Prajacta Sathaye, and Pranali Karemore). Each of these leaders embody Sakon’s industry-leading philosophy of empowering women in the workplace of the future.

Ms. Lobo plans to take what she learned from the program and implement new approaches at Sakon, helping guide the next generation of technical leaders. “This program made me appreciate just how many opportunities there are for women to thrive in the 21st century workplace,” noted Ms. Lobo. “There were so many discussions with program participants that revealed a range of exciting new approaches to excellence. After eighteen years of learning and growing at Sakon, this program is going to add fresh momentum to my individual journey by fostering even more teamwork.”

The Jombay 1000 Women Leaders Program – part of a list of programs that help individuals build critical capabilities and fast-track their careers – happened over several months and involved presentations and mentoring from highly acclaimed women speakers from all industries, including tech companies such as Cisco and Akamai. It featured five master classes and peer networking and breakout sessions. This year’s program also focused on two stages of career development – women with less than fifteen years of experience and those with greater than sixteen years of experience.

“Programs like this are helping Sakon blaze a path into the future by investing in women,” noted Emine Bolohan, Sakon’s Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Account Management and ambassador for the company’s WIT initiative. “Cleta’s daughter Saanvi was watching the announcement live on her phone from her classroom and was so excited when Cleta’s name was called that she exclaimed ‘Mamma won!’ Such an inspirational moment. Everyone at Sakon felt the same way!”

For his part, Sakon CEO Andy Goorno noted how excited he is to see new ideas introduced to the organization, ultimately benefitting clients. “The energy our women leaders bring to our agile approach to service will be further invigorated by this initiative,” said Goorno. “Global enterprises turn to Sakon for a distinct approach fostered by our women leaders, and we’re doubling down. I’m so proud of all this year’s Jombay finalists.”

Sakon, recognized as a visionary provider by Gartner, the Association of Telecom Management Professionals (AOTMP), and some of the largest customers in the world, relies on its women leaders to drive best practices in delivering innovation and the highest quality service delivery on behalf of its growing list of brand name clients. Sakon women are uniquely adept at managing today’s shifting device and telecom service demands and play a significant role in the success of Sakon’s Device Platform and Telecom Platform.

About Jombay:

Jombay builds great managers and leaders for a fast-changing world by creating immersive learning experiences that enable self-development through modern assessment centers, 360 degree feedback, and development programs. Its consolidated platform combines technology with behavioral science to help organizations reexamine their hiring, development, and succession planning processes while enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing costs. Its open programs help individuals build critical capabilities to fast track their careers. Participants can leverage an alumni network of 1200+ leaders and benefit from immense mentoring and networking opportunities. For more information, go to  

About Sakon:

Headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, Sakon provides a purpose-built cloud-based platform to manage all data and experiences to support Enterprise Communication Services and the Modern Device Lifecycle. Sakon integrates with mobility service providers, VARs, ISVs, and OEM platforms to facilitate a seamless end-to-end customer experience with real-time updates about estates, orders, tickets, and SLAs. Many Fortune 500 customers rely on Sakon to enable their corporate liable, BYOD, mobile device as a service (MDaaS), and hybrid mobility environments. The company was founded in 2003 and has over 800 employees with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India. For more information, go to