How Sakon Fits Into the Future of Healthcare: An Interview With Jennifer Hutchinson, VP of Sales at Sakon
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How Sakon Fits Into the Future of Healthcare: An Interview With Jennifer Hutchinson, VP of Sales at Sakon

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In the rapidly evolving healthcare sector, managing telecom data with efficiency is paramount. Sakon's integration with ServiceNow offers a state-of-the-art Telecom Data Cloud that redefines how healthcare organizations handle their telecom infrastructure. 

We spoke with Jennifer Hutchinson, VP of Sales at Sakon, to gain deeper insights into this innovative approach, and how Sakon + ServiceNow are shaping the future of healthcare as we know it.

Q: First off, Jenn, what does the current healthcare landscape look like when it comes to embracing digital transformation?

Jenn: "The healthcare sector is at a pivotal moment when it comes to digital transformation. While there's been some hesitancy due to the reliance on legacy systems, we're seeing a significant shift in the last few years. The acceleration of time to value is critical—healthcare organizations are realizing the importance of streamlining complex financial workflows and reconciling diverse payment methods to reinvest resources more strategically.

“We're tackling friction points head-on, from convoluted financial reconciliations to managing various payment methods like ACH and credit cards. Sakon’s integration with ServiceNow is a key component in this evolution, offering healthcare facilities a way to workflow their telecom with a level of efficiency and visibility that wasn't previously possible. This isn't just about cutting costs—it's about elevating operational efficiency, reducing manual labor, and enhancing cash flow management.”

“In essence, it’s about empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to focus on what they do best—caring for patients. As a result, we're not only transforming healthcare IT on the expense side, but enabling providers to reinvest in patient care and innovative technologies that drive better health outcomes."

Q: Can you explain the concept behind 'Workflow Your Telecom' and its relevance to healthcare organizations?

Jenn: "Absolutely. In healthcare, every second counts, and so does every dollar. With the Telecom Data Cloud, we're providing a platform where healthcare facilities can manage all aspects of their telecom in one place. This means a comprehensive workflow for mobile asset management, service requests, and network service management that is integrated seamlessly into ServiceNow. It's not just about managing expenses; it's about creating a workflow that enhances the control and agility of healthcare providers."

Q: What are the key features of Sakon's Telecom Data Cloud that healthcare IT managers should be excited about?

Jenn: "There are several, but let me highlight a few. Our integration offers all carriers in one integration, which simplifies the management process. It's designed to be flexible, with components and catalog items that healthcare IT can tailor to their needs. 

“It's also super easy to install and maintain, reducing the burden on IT departments. And finally, our platform includes network inventory with cost information, so healthcare organizations can make informed decisions about their telecom investments."

Q: How does this integration specifically address the workflow challenges in healthcare telecom management?

Jenn: "Our solution tackles the complexity head-on. With Sakon’s Telecom Data Cloud, we offer mobile self-service, allowing staff to handle their requests directly, which reduces the administrative load on IT departments. For network management, we provide real-time visibility into services and costs, enabling proactive maintenance and cost-saving decisions. And with our automated invoice processing and chargebacks, we ensure accurate financial management that's compliant with healthcare standards."

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