Device Manufacturer Masters Stipend Management With Sakon Platform
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Device Manufacturer Masters Stipend Management With Sakon Platform

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Medical Device Manufacturer Masters Stipend Management for BYOD Users With Sakon Mobile Platform

The Situation

A global medical device manufacturer with over 9,000 mobile service lines needs to significantly improve their complex BYOD stipend payment process and scale their BYOD program across 8 Business Units. They lack a way for end users to easily sign up for stipends and are aware that they also need an automated way to validate stipend eligibility, as corporate liable users are wrongly being paid a BYOD stipend. A further complication, they also require that stipend payments be made by the MMS provider directly to thousands of BYOD user’s mobile carrier accounts.

Business Impact

1 ) End user satisfaction scores are low and frustrations high, as stipend requests are slowly and manually processed via email 

2) Because there is no validation process, many ineligible users are wrongly being sent monthly stipends, which

3) Mobility program management and data insights are very difficult due to the incumbent provider housing data for only the corporate liable lines.

Client Profile

  • Client: Medical Device Maker
  • Industry: Manufacturing 
  • Number of Devices: 9,000
  • Number of Employees: 33,000

[Download a PDF of this case study]


1) Sakon’s HRIS integration now automatically validates employee eligibility to receive a monthly stipend and stopped stipends in error to corporate liable service users.

2)Together with stipend validation, opportunities for optimization have produced $1.3 million USD in annual cost savings in ten months.

 3) Sakon also automated the stipend request sign up process and applies BYOD stipend payments every month directly to employees’ carrier billing accounts instead of in paycheck.

4) Since implementing all corporate liable devices and lines together with all BYOD inventory, a new level of visibility now exists and this has helped raise end-user satisfaction scores 68% as the Sakon Platform is integral in orchestrating all MACD order fulfillments and help desk resolutions for this customer.


Solution: Mobility Managed Services with Stipend Mgmt

Sakon’s Mobility and IoT application includes traditional management of corporate-liable lines together with broader “hybrid-environment” capabilities supporting BYOD, stipend payments, device sourcing, mobile device-as-a-service (MDaaS), procure & deploy, staging & kitting, digital workspace, governance & compliance, services orchestration and end user & lifecycle management, delivered via the Sakon Platform.

The Sakon Difference

Part inventory. Part engine. All brains.

Sakon’s Synkronize engine brings together in one place all of the scattered, disparate elements of your global IT infrastructure, normalizes them, and makes them easy to manage – and transform.


Links source data and transaction data from network and mobile service providers, as well as HR and location information, then unifies it with service, logistics and operations desks.



Organizes, cleanses and normalizes information across geographies, carriers and currencies.


Using secure, open APIs, connects the data to purpose-built applications and a global network of help desk partners to coordinate actions and provide visibility across systems.



Applies the industry’s only proven and effective three-way match to compare assets, contracts and actual costs to drive out waste.