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Our Demanding Devices: Solving Real Problems Today part 1

In this dispatch from, “Sakonnected”, COO Amine Doukkali took to the stage to discuss what it really means for a cutting-edge global cloud-based device and network management solutions provider to “Dream, Dare, and Deliver.”

Two Essential Observations

The company’s Device Platform is a result of an original dream, a major dare, and an intense focus on delivery.

Amine opened his presentation by putting Sakon’s evolution in context.

And it all began with two major observations:

  • The enterprise was starting to use mobile devices to conduct business, whereas in the past, those mobile devices had been used simply to make phone calls
  • The enterprise was struggling to manage the growing number and type of all these increasingly essential devices

The North Star

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For Amine, the goal was clear – make it simple and easy for the enterprise to manage all devices and services, all the time, on one platform.

With that, Sakon leadership set about learning the unique needs and challenges of the enterprise and converting those into opportunities in the form of features, integrations, processes, and services.


Sakon would meet the needs of its customers with the correct combination of software and services, and by so doing, assist such global enterprises in efficiently managing their fleets of devices. The Sakon Platform would aim to deliver accurate information, high-quality services, and amazing experiences. That was the north star for the journey ahead.

Sakon’s Innovation DNA

Everybody in the organization would be involved. Dedicated engineers, a world-class delivery team, and consultative sales and solution teams were deployed to listen aggressively to customers like ServiceNow, Amedisys, Schwan’s, Genentech, Anheuser-Busch, Kaiser Permanente, Stryker, Raytheon Technologies, Walmart, McKesson, and VMWare.

Simply put, Sakon’s Innovation DNA came to the aid of enterprise clients with a model that works.

The Sakon team hunted for the most challenging use cases and engineered them into world-class solutions. Vexing problems succumbed to simple solutions. The team took on obstacles and came up with answers, packaging creative solutions.