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Integrated Managed Services


Global presence, local knowledge.

We employ a unique approach to the delivery of global integrated managed services, combining a network of best-in-industry service providers and our own pioneering Center of Excellence. Leveraging Sakon and the time-tested business processes developed in-house, we provide global presence, local knowledge and compliance with regional regulatory requirements. 

The Center of Excellence is the first of its kind, applying Six Sigma methodology to create many of the best practices in our industry today. We employ over 300 MBAs, CPAs and seasoned telecommunications engineers who engage in continuous learning to keep skills current and are cross-trained in multiple disciplines.


Communications Lifecycle Services

Invoice Processing

Manage invoice workflow from acquisition to payment

Mobile/Fixed Procurement

Execute carrier orders for both fixed and mobile services

Complex Contract Audit

Perform complete historical audit of telecom spend against established contracts

Mobile Optimization

Identify opportunities to make mobile services more efficient


Determine best rates based on carriers and service commitments

Inventory Build & Maintenance

Create an accurate and detailed inventory of all telecom assets

Exception/Dispute Handling

Identify and manage carrier disputes until credits are received

Mobile Help Desk

Provide support for carrier and technical issues for your enterprise’s mobile users

Physical Site Audit

Validate services on-site at key locations

Network Optimization

Find and correct network inefficiencies and unused services


Other Services