Enterprise Network Transformation

Solving key business challenges to enable the “Network of the Future” with SD-WAN, UCaaS and 5G


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Network Optimization

Sakon is the Industry’s First Platform to Orchestrate the Planning, Provisioning and Operational Management of the Enterprise Modern Network.

From Gartner's 2019 Network Report:

  1. “As enterprises continue to digitally transform, networks are at the core of delivering user experience and supporting business initiatives. To optimize the performance, agility and cost-effectiveness of networks, I&O leaders should adopt new technologies and processes, and transform their culture.”

Source: Gartner, Gartner, Gartner, 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Networking, Jonathan Forest, Neil Rickard, 10 April 2019


Sakon’s platform provides the critical path forward to change from an outdated current state to the future network state supporting both DIY and Hybrid Managed Network Service models. Sakon’s platform helps enterprises source, automate, streamline processes, optimize resources, and significantly reduces costs in transforming from a rigid, high-cost traditional network to a less expensive, agile, and higher performing modern network.


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3 SD WAN Takeaways From Gartner's 2019 Network Report

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Sakon Solves Key Business Obstacles


Find Additional Budget
Sakon’s initial audits can deliver 3% to 8% in-network costs savings. These savings can provide additional budget dollars to support network modernizations.
Select The Best Providers

Sakon’s Ecosystem offers best-in-class technology, network, and managed service providers along with advanced Sourcing toolsets to automate and streamline smart purchasing decisions.


Control Costs
Sakon’s advanced platform provides detailed baseline inventory, planning support, and operations toolsets to support network budgets, ROI objectives,  and limit the risk of overstated savings and cost overruns.




Improve Workforce Enablement

Network Service employees use Sakon’s powerful toolsets for Service Catalogs, Order Forms, Workflow automation, and vendor integration.


Facilitate On-Time Delivery

Sakon’s automation tools reduce order-to-deliver times, improves visibility of provisioning processes, and augments internal teams to facilitate on-time delivery.


Track Progress of Projects

KPI and Milestone tracking toolsets will help provide the necessary visibility to enable proactive program management with essential and accurate key metrics.



Automate Bill Retrieval
Sakon’s platform automates bill retrieval from leading network service providers to then allocate, accrue and integrate with accounting.


Improve Network Performance

Sakon develops and maintains circuit inventory and critical network service provider details for troubleshooting outages and effective vendor management.


Maintain ROI For Networking

Sakon’s industry-leading ongoing lifecycle management services control costs, provide visibility, and  generate 3% - 5% YoY cost savings*


Take a deep-dive look at how Sakon’s platform manages Network Transformations

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Capabilities of Sakon's Network Transformation Platform

Sakon’s suite of applications is the first complete solution for cost-based communications planning, operations, and spend control. Sakon’s Network Transformation solution offers a key set of inventory management, program order management and ROI tracking capabilities which builds upon detailed site-based and cost-based inventory. This functionality enables IT teams to know exactly where they start in any transformation effort, model what-if scenarios, manage large scale network migrations and report on savings against the business case.



  • Request and Manage vendor responses to RFIs, RFPs, and Quotes for Networking Services.



Vendor Management

  • Improve Vendor management with the toolset to interact and automate requests, workflow, and reporting.




  • Track savings, program status and key performance indicators of the modern network.



Inventory Management

  • Manage the network inventory including engineering and cost details.




  • Automate ordering and associated workflows for install and removal of network services.

Billing Management

  • Leverage invoice imports from 300+ vendors to simplify AP requirements and validate business case.

Leveraging Sakon To Achieve Real Results

Businesses are clearly demanding faster, less expensive, agile networks – let Sakon show your business the most cost-effective and efficient path to realize this goal!