Key Benefits


Sakon provides deep visibility of all types of mobile computing devices, whether corporate-owned or bring your own, applications, usage and geographies in order to provide compelling insights into areas of efficiency and opportunities for improvement.


The concept of "service orchestration," seamlessly orchestrating data flows between customer and provider systems, enables complete management of the mobility lifecycle and end-user experience. And as mobility grows ever more complicated, and ever more critical to business success, enterprises need this expert, full-lifecycle-management capability and agility to support a growing number of diverse devices. 


  • Increased Visibility: By providing a single platform supporting all ownership models and device types, Sakon Mobile provides complete visibility into mobile estates.

  • Compliance Management By integrating data from multiple sources including UEM/MDM systems and reporting on Governance and Compliance across the entire mobile estate, Sakon simplifies compliance management.


  • Intelligent Support Orchestration Automated support workflows streamlines the support process and provides best-of-breed support globally.

Mobile Operations Management Solution Highlights

Device lifecycle

Device Lifecycle Management

Device lifecycle
  • Sakon Mobile manages and operates every phase of the entire lifecycle with a data-first approach. There’s a lot of key data, processes, vendors, costs and policies that live behind each of the circles encompassing each mobile computing device type. 


  • The Sakon Mobile solution partners with all service providers to discover and ingest the data such as inventory, services, policies, HR data, MDM data, support tickets, warranty and recycling stats into a single platform so that the enterprise can view their entire mobile computing environment from a single source, calculate a true total cost of ownership and make managing mobility less complex.

Sourcing and Logistics

  • Sakon’s solution takes clients from a world of disconnected point solutions (help desk, logistics center, MDM platforms, TEM, staging & kitting, break fix, and other providers) to a world where data is orchestrated within mobility source systems, mobility use cases are automated, and the end- user experience is simplified.


  • As the orchestrator, the Sakon Mobile platform integrates with essential data sources to get access to key information about forward and reverse logistic services, staging and kitting, device repair and recycling. Once captured, the data is integrated with other data sources to provide a single source of truth and other advanced features. The platform enables customers to see real-time updates about ticket statuses, workflow activity, track and report on SLAs and manage multiple vendors all through a single view.

UEM Integration

Sakon delivers comprehensive Managed UEM solutions to enterprise clients through our established partnerships and real-time API integration. The integration provides enterprises with the following key benefits:

  • Automation – Key actions such as device enrollment or device lock/wipe can be triggered automatically by initiating specific request types in the Sakon Mobile platform and End-user Mobile App. This ensures devices and corporate data are protected as early as possible.


  • Data – UEM data is loaded into the Sakon Mobile platform and used as a source of truth for device ownership, location, policy management and to ensure compliance. Sakon reconciles the UEM data with data from other sources such as carriers and ITAM systems and presents the discrepancy analytics so that validation and reconciliation actions can be taken.


  • End-User Engagement – The integration between Sakon Mobile and UEM partners, makes it easy for Admins to manage policies, trigger actions, reconcile data and even manage multiple UEM vendors all through a single system with quick access to actionable reports and analytics.
service orchestration

Service Orchestration

service orchestration
  • Sakon service orchestration is an advanced workflow tool that allows requests and tickets to be routed to any service provider anywhere


  • This provides flexibility and agility so customers are not locked into a single MMS services stack, but can have services dynamically routed based on performance, price or any other desired criteria. This is especially important in today’s MMS environment and with the onset of continued improvements in automation being introduced every year. The ability to separate platform experience from the underlying services delivers flexibility and allows customers to choose best of breed providers and change them over time as their needs change with minimal impact on user experience.


Sakon Awarded Entrepreneurial Company of the Year For Employee Mobile Experience by Frost and Sullivan

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