Key Benefits


  • Gain a single source of truth Easily view and report on critical enterprise mobile data stored in disconnected, siloed systems resulting in enhanced visibility and compliance.


  • Improved Business Intelligence & Analytics: Gain the ability to understand the entire mobility ecosystem in order to enhance strategic decision-making.


  • Deliver  Better Service Outcomes Understand mobile estate metrics to better assess the benefits of moving mobility services in-house or to other best of breed providers.

Data as a Service Solution Highlights

BYOD Program Highlights

data aas 2

Data as a Service Solution Highlights

data aas 2
  • Critical mobility data typically exists in multiple environments including carrier systems, MDMs, HR Systems, ITAMs and fincial systems, and none of these applications communicate with each other. 


  • As a result of these siloed data sources, enterprises struggle to get a holistic view into the cost, compliance and efficiency of their mobile estate. By providing a flexible API-enabled platform, Sakon Mobile integrates with enterprise systems and provides a central view of all mobile information. 


  • This Data-as-as-Servce model enables Sakon to not only store critical information but also to leverage its powerful analytics and workflow engines to analyze data across systems and take action where appropriate to ensure compliance with cbusiness policies.


  • Sakon’s data-as-a-service approach enables the platform to easily support new application such as ServiceNow.  Our ServiceNow scoped app exposes all Sakon functionality allowing customers to experience the full richness of our platform while leveraging the ServiceNow experience that they are already using.

Sakon Awarded Entrepreneurial Company of the Year For Employee Mobile Experience by Frost and Sullivan

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