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Showing Employees The Love with the Gift of Modern Mobility

I’m happy to be announcing a new, first-to-market application to help the enterprise raise its game in mobility and show its mobile employees – in other words, all of its employees – the love.

Meet the Sakon Mobility App.

I don’t want to go into features and functions here – you can see them on our landing page or in today’s press release – but I do want to share with you what we are doing.

The Sakon Mobility App reflects the sea change going on in the enterprise today. Everyone is mobile now, and employees are expecting a lot from their enterprise mobile experience: the latest devices, the best apps, hyper connectivity, always-on customer service.

And the enterprise has struggled to keep up.

The Sakon Mobility App bridges the gap, putting the power of the enterprise mobility experience directly into the hands of the end-user – as a matter of fact, putting it right on their phone.

Today, users want great mobile devices that work anywhere; always-on service, whether they want to add an international plan for a business trip overseas or get a broken iPhone fixed; and to have their stipends paid without a lot of hassle.

The Sakon Mobility App does all that with just a click, a swipe, or voice command, and it does so in a way that helps the enterprise control costs and keep them predictable. That’s because, the Sakon Mobility Platform behind the app is a master of service orchestration – something we’ve been doing behind the scenes for more than 10 years for the world’s leading mobile managed services providers, and, more recently, not-behind-the-scenes for the Fortune 500.

But I’ll be honest with you. The enterprise used to think the big payoff for expertly orchestrated mobility services – from ordering and provisioning to MDM to invoice management and bill pay, to Help Desk and Break/Fix – was cost savings. Today, all that orchestration is done in service of the end user. Every conversation I have about mobility with Fortune 500 prospects and customers comes down to the same ask: Help us delight our end users.

Don’t believe me? Have you seen the Gartner forecast that 40% of corporate office space is going to be unneeded in the not too distant future? I’m here to tell you that your workers are not only going to be beyond the four walls of the office to perform their job duties, they’re going to be out of your company altogether if you can’t provide them an excellent enterprise mobile experience.

Our new Mobility App takes that challenge head on. Go ahead, give the keys to the mobile kingdom to your employees. Let them manage their work mobile experience simply and intuitively right on their devices.

Sure you’ll save some money in the process, but you’ll also be winning the race for human capital. The smile on your face will match the one on your happy, productive employees.