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Medical Device Maker Manages the Art of Stipend Management for BYOD users – with surgical precision

Executive Summary

Managing corporate-liable and BYOD mobile devices concurrently at scale – a challenge known as “hybrid mobility” – is a growing challenge for the enterprise. Using the Sakon Platform for Enterprise Mobility Management, this Fortune 500 medical-device manufacturer delivered an A+ end-user experience to its employees, regardless of device-ownership model, while elegantly automating its stipend payment process. Along the way, Sakon identified $1.3 million in annual cost savings and raised end-user satisfaction scores for MACD order fulfillment and help-desk issue resolution.

Customer Corporate Overview

With offices around the world, this Fortune 500 manufacturer of medical devices, orthopedic implants, surgical devices, and neurovascular products is both a global innovation leader and recognized as one of Fortune’s “Best Places to Work.”

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarters: U.S.
Revenue: $12B+
Employees: 30,000+ globally
Number of mobile lines: 9,000

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Managing mobility has always proven challenging to the enterprise, but today’s variety of device-ownership models has raised the bar. Whether employees are using a company-owned mobile device (“corporate liable”) or one they have brought from home (BYOD), they expect a great user experience and flawless support from their employer.

Welcome to the world of “hybrid mobility,” where the enterprise must support multiple device-ownership models concurrently without breaking the bank.

“By 2022, 75% of smartphones used in the enterprise will be bring your own device (BYOD), up from 35% in 2018.” – Gartner

Looking for a way to keep 2,000 BYOD users happy across two business units, and more than 3x that across an additional six, this medical device manufacturer turned to Sakon.

“Because Sakon has been the ‘solution inside’ the world’s leading managed mobility services (MMS) offerings since the iPhone first burst into the enterprise, we’ve been able to build relationships with all the key mobile service providers – and, more importantly, orchestrate all their services – needed to keep enterprise mobile users happy and productive,” said Amine Doukkali, Co-Founder, Sakon. “The trick now is to help the enterprise broaden its mobile management capabilities beyond corporate-liable to include BYOD and mobile-device-as-a-service (MDaaS) in a way that elevates the end-user experience.”

The Art of the Stipend

To meet the needs of the manufacturer’s growing BYOD program, Sakon brought the company’s corporate compliance policy for mobility use into the fold of its Platform. Leveraging the Sakon Platform’s flexible rules-based engine, Sakon quickly turned manual compliance checks – Does the employee have a BYOD device? Does the device have a carrier service connected to it? Is the device on the company’s MDM? Has HR approved the employee to receive a stipend? –into an elegant, automated, real-time workflow.

More importantly, the Platform also automated the manufacturer’s most unique and pressing requirement: applying stipends directly to the employee’s carrier account vs. paying the employee directly.

Of course, when employees are promised that a portion of their mobile bill will be paid, they’ll want to know in advance when the payment will be made and then verify that it happened to avoid late fees. Not only does the Sakon Platform integrate with the manufacturer’s payroll, accounting, and HR systems to facilitate compliance and payment, but it also provides a self-service portal that enables employees to monitor their compliance status see if their stipend has been paid, reducing call volume to the help desk and delivering a winning service advantage to employees.

On a related note, one of the biggest problems the manufacturer had was inadvertently paying employees a stipend when they were using a corporate-owned device. No more. Sakon keeps track!

But the Sakon advantage goes far beyond policing compliance. The Platform provides vital visibility to employees and administrators alike while orchestrating all the services needed to make enterprise mobility flourish at enterprise scale, from device ordering, kitting & delivery and MDM, to invoicing and carrier management, to break-fix and Help Desk support.

One Platform. Many device-ownership models. Hybrid Mobility managed.

“We really want BYOD to flourish at our company – our employees are demanding it, and we want it to work hassle free for them,” said the manufacturer. “Sakon has given us the keys to the mobile kingdom through the efficiency of one Platform that manages both corporate liable and BYOD programs. Now employees in both programs are empowered, engaged, and loving their enterprise mobile experience.”