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Sakon Drives Down Device Spend for Top MMS Provider

When a leading enterprise mobility-services provider set its sights on delivering a full lifecycle solution for global customers, it needed to find a technology partner with broad and deep mobile domain expertise; a flexible platform configurable to any business environment; and a facility for finding savings across thousands of lines under management, all over the world. All roads led to Sakon, a partnership which has since paved the way to more than $9 million in savings for the client’s customers, helping their bottom lines while providing a fresh source of funding for new mobility initiatives.

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It Starts with Self-Service

This client excels at global fulfillment. When enterprise customers order mobility services from this client, their new devices aren’t shipped by the wireless carriers, but rather from the client’s advanced fulfillment center. There, mobile devices are activated with the customer’s carrier of choice, configured, tested and personalized to meet their needs – a true “plug and play” experience for the end user and their IT department.

But in order to ensure the process for placing an order – and for making changes to it over time – ran as smoothly as the fulfillment process, the client turned to Sakon for a front-end portal experience that made the ordering process fast, familiar, and hassle free, while connecting seamlessly to its back-end fulfillment system.

On the front end, Sakon delivers a one-two punch. It enables the client to present mobile product and service information online in an easy-to-navigate, straight-forward way, while making it easy to transact. Sakon does so by automating the approval workflow so end users simply can buy with the push of a button instead of chasing signatures. Not only does this automated workflow streamline order fulfillment, it also ensures the paper trail behind every order – currently numbering more than 2,000 per month – is automatically “in the system” vs. in a spreadsheet or filing cabinet.

Order information is just one thread in the overall data tapestry Sakon is perpetually weaving for the client as it automatically gathers, unifies and synchronizes data – through the power of its Synkronize™ processing engine – to provide the client’s customer-service managers and their customers a single system of record to view every piece of inventory in the mobile environment and every piece of information that qualifies it. Such a thorough system of record provides every decision-maker a single version of the truth – comprehensive, complete, and up to the minute – to better understand and manage their mobile investment. (See Synkronize diagram.)

The client and its customers also value Sakon’s configurability, which enables them to gain the benefits of the system without having to change their individual preferences and workflows. For example, while one large business unit of a Global 500 customer of the client may use AT&T as its mobile carrier, another may use Verizon. With Sakon, no problem. The B.U.’s preferences are embedded in the system and reflected across touchpoints, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Show Me the Money

Fulfilling orders is only the first step in managing the mobility lifecycle. Keeping track of every device, every added or deleted line, and every carrier agreement connected to them, is where most enterprises fall down, where dollars are lost, and where Sakon rises to the challenge.

That’s because Sakon is where the data is.

Aggregating the mobile ecosystem’s disparate data, from carrier contracts and monthly invoices to HR personnel files, Sakon synthesizes and presents it, transforming global inventory and expense management into sources of value creation for the enterprise.

With Sakon, the client and its customers get to know their networks, gaining a complete, upto-date view of global device inventory and, just as importantly, the costs associated with it, informing monthly insights and decisions that generate significant cost savings.

Whether it’s uncovering charges for employees no longer with the company or identifying misapplied rates and service fees on invoices, Sakon is constantly on the lookout, crunching the data, auditing the environment, and, whenever possible, optimizing it. Using Sakon has enabled the client to unlock millions of dollars in savings for its customers – including the client’s owner, which liked the system so much it adopted it as its own mobility management solution – driving down the per-device spend of clients by 22%, or an average of $18 per line, per month.

Driven by the partnership between Sakon and the client, one that has blossomed to more than 100,000 lines under management, these savings are critical to the enterprise, contributing to bottom-line performance and providing a fresh new source of working capital to fund future mobile endeavors.

The Sakon Difference

The Sakon Difference

Part inventory. Part engine. All brains.

Sakon’s Synkronize engine brings together in one place all of the scattered, disparate elements of your global IT infrastructure, normalizes them, and makes them easy to manage – and transform.


Links source data and transaction data from network and mobile service providers, as well as HR and location information, then unifies it with service, logistics and operations desks.


Organizes, cleanses and normalizes information across geographies, carriers and currencies.


Using secure, open APIs, connects the data to purpose-built applications and a global network of help desk partners to coordinate actions and provide visibility across systems.


Applies the industry’s only proven and effective three-way match to compare assets, contracts and actual costs to drive out waste.