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Executive Summary

When one of the world’s leading manufacturers experienced unwelcome and unexpected cost overruns on its aging fleet of mobile devices, it knew something had to give. Out of step with the organization’s larger cost-cutting initiatives, mobility also wasn’t delivering on end-user service expectations and productivity needs. Fed up, this high-profile business leader turned to Sakon for an elegant solution – mobile-device-as-a-service (MDaaS) – that bundled device cost and lifecycle-services management for 3,800 Apple devices, driving down and locking in costs while improving the end-user experience of enterprise mobility.

Customer Corporate Overview

This wholly-owned subsidiary of a Fortune 500 global manufacturing powerhouse makes and distributes some of the most popular beverages in the world.

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarters: U.S.
Revenue: Part of a $500B+ Company
Number of Mobile Lines: 10,000+ across 30 wholly-owned distribution hubs

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“The cost of mobile devices is increasing; however, they are often sourced without discount and volume effects. They can incur large upfront costs, and economic residual value beyond the average expected life span of 24 months can be completely lost.”

– Katja Ruud, Leif-Olof Wallin, Bill Menezes, Gartner (from Cost Optimization Opportunities for Mobility Services and Devices Are Emerging, June 20, 2019).

Introduction: A Perfect Storm

After experiencing an unexpected overrun on its mobility costs during a time of corporate-wide belt-tightening, this U.S. brewer, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Fortune 500 global manufacturing leader, knew it had an opportunity to make mobility work better, at less expense, for everyone in the company.

The root of the problem was a common one: device ownership. By owning so many mobile devices, the company had to take on myriad mobility-management challenges, including: an aging device fleet, rising break/fix costs, complex kitting and shipping requirements, and end-users going around administrators to upgrade devices without approval.

The manufacturer got creative. What if it could partner with a mobility leader on an outsourced solution that could equip its 3,800+ employees, including drivers, warehouse personnel, and sales & marketing teams, at 30 wholly-owned distributors (WODS) around the U.S., with great new mobile devices? And what if that solution could also include the delivery of lifecycle services – from Help Desk, staging and kitting, to MDM, break/fix, warranty and upgrade management – to support those devices and the people who counted on them?

Working with Sakon, the manufacturer got both: Mobile-Device-as-a-Service (MDaaS).

New Devices without the Old Problems

First, getting 3,800 new devices kitted correctly and deployed into the hands of the people who needed them quickly – at a price that would be both predictable and compelling – was going to be a challenge.

The solution began with a bold creative stroke.

The manufacturer had already begun talking with a device manufacturer leasing department prior to its discussions with Sakon. And while Sakon offers its own leasing options through a third-party lending institution, it had no problem working directly with the device manufacturers leasing group to put together a bundled solution for the manufacturer. By combining forces, Sakon and the device leasing team could offer the manufacturer a mobile solution that checked off a key requirement – a flat, predictable monthly fee for each device that included the requisite services needed to keep the devices working and end-users happy and productive.

With an attractive total cost of ownership locked in for this new fleet of mobile devices, the manufacturer asked Sakon to focus on an important issue for its WODS employees – local and timely break/fix support. Leveraging a partnership with a third-party provider of protective cases, a company with a large network of break/fix-service locations, Sakon quickly worked with the manufacturer to ensure that its drivers and other front-line employees could get immediate service on their devices with a professional, human touch.

And that support extended to 24x7 Help Desk availability through another key partnership Sakon brought to the total solution – DMI. With DMI on point to provide vital Help Desk, kitting and shipping support, the manufacturer gained an essential ingredient in its mobile mix – always-on productivity.

“Prior to our new mobility solution with Sakon, we faced cost overruns that concerned management and service issues that stressed our employees,” said the manufacturer. “I’m happy to say that by working closely with Sakon, we have really turned the tables on these problems. First of all, we now have great new devices that everyone on the team loves. And now, when we do experience problems, the level of service is 100 times better. Sakon and its partner ecosystem is on it – and we appreciate it. No cost overruns, no downtime, no frustration, and all at a much better price.”

A Better Service Experience through Better Data

One key to Sakon’s MDaaS delivery success is its ability to manage data. Orchestrating mobile lifecycle services – the cradle to grave mobile services required to support and delight not only end-users, but also their administrators and managers – requires automated access to data across myriad external partner and internal client systems and the ability to present it meaningfully in a central system of record. Sakon does that through its namesake platform.

Streamlining management of the manufacturer’s mobile fleet, the Sakon platform pulls device inventory data housed in the carrier’s system, employee data fed from the client’s HR system, and MDM data held by the MDM provider. Each of these ingredients, along with data exchanged through APIs with DMI and other partners, provides a holistic view of each device and employee that enables Sakon and the client’s administrators and managers to keep costs in check, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure end-users get the best mobile experience.

MDaaS Delivers Benefits To Bank On

“We’ve benefited in so many ways from switching to mobile-device-as-a-service,” said the brewer. “First, we’ve saved money on the devices themselves, which we had been leasing through our carrier at a premium, but also on program administration. And while cost savings is important at our company, the predictable delivery of all aspects of our mobile program may be the biggest benefit. Now, our devices get rolled out smoothly to employees equipped with the right apps, and when our workers need help with their devices, whether it’s a quick question or an essential fix, the response times are phenomenal, which has really boosted productivity."

“With predictable total cost of ownership and high employee satisfaction, our partnership with Sakon has changed the way we talk about and experience mobility at our company.”