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Enterprise Mobility: Getting It Right

This week, Frost & Sullivan recognized Sakon as its Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for our breakthrough work in enterprise mobility, specifically in enhancing the employee mobile experience. And while I’d love to do a victory lap – believe me, we are excited and honored to win this award! – I think it’s important to use this spotlight to look more closely at what is happening in enterprise mobility today and, even more critically, in enterprise mobility management.

First of all, it was refreshing to see Frost & Sullivan acknowledge the profound importance of the employee experience of mobility. So many vendor-driven discussions about mobility focus on “cost savings,” but viewing enterprise mobility through the cost-center lens deeply shortchanges what businesses can accomplish when they get mobility right.

And in our view, one supported time and again by direct conversations with Fortune 500 companies who are grappling with managing mobility at scale, getting mobility right has never been more critical. Employees are on the front lines of this battle. Make it hard for them to get their stipend, add international coverage while they are away, secure their device, comply with the organization’s rules, pay their monthly bill, order a new device or have their current one fixed, and you have a formula for dissatisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction Matters

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction matter, because mobility is no longer a “nice to have,” or something for a select few. Face it, today’s workforce is mobile all the time, even in the workplace. Employees have more mobile devices than ever, and they are always on. It’s how we work today, so delivering a mobile experience that is any less easy or seamless than what was expected at the old, wired workplace is dangerous and debilitating.

Especially these days when the battle for talent is so fierce. Study after study has shown that employees who get a sub-par tech experience at the workplace are much more apt to leave it. That’s one reason it was so gratifying to see Frost & Sullivan say, “The Sakon platform is not only about the orchestration of the modern workforce, but enabling the future of work itself.”

Simply put, the future of work is mobile, and so, frankly, is the present.

That’s why we’ve invested so much of our efforts to improve not only the employee experience of enterprise mobility, but that of its administrators, as well as the organization as a whole. In 2019, we’ve delivered solutions that make mobile simple for the enterprise and everyone who consumes, manages, or plans it. Want awesome self-service capabilities for on-boarding a new device, securing it, or fixing it? – try the Mobility App. Need to transform stipend management for BYOD programs from a headache to a cakewalk – we’re on it. And how about getting out of the antiquated, burdensome “device ownership” game altogether and simply doing mobility as a service? Try it – it has never been easier.

More Than Cost Savings

So, will you save money when you manage enterprise mobility right? Sure you will. We’ve got a long list of successes and an even longer list of Fortune 500 companies coming on board. And, yes, they like the savings. Everyone does.

But that’s not what this is all about. It’s about making enterprise mobility work as elegantly as any other critical IT or business function, it’s about getting the latency out and the high-performance in. It’s also about not having a fleet of administrators run from system to system for the data they need to pay a bill, confirm usage, add a new device or employee, or research a carrier plan.

What it’s really all about is managing mobility simply and intuitively from a single platform, benefitting the employee, the administrator, and The Administration alike. That’s what Sakon delivers, and that’s what Frost & Sullivan recognized this week. It’s also what our customers and constellation of mobility partners, from VMware and IBM to Verizon, Honeywell, and DMI, experience every day.

It's time to get this right. With Sakon, you will. 

About Sakon

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