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A Message from our CEO, Andy Goorno on COVID-19

I know these are very challenging times.  Everywhere we turn, there is new information and developments around the Coronavirus Pandemic.  This is uncharted territory and a time of uncertainty for all of us. Here at Sakon we have transitioned our employees to work-at-home.  We’re doing everything we can to minimize disruptions. 

To our customers we are focused on your needs and remain in close communication with you during this process.  Part of our unique responsibility amidst this global crisis is to support the communications infrastructure our customers, including companies that are on the front line of delivering services to support the health of patients dealing with the virus.  We will stay highly responsive to your needs, requests and requirements.

Most importantly, I know we are all close to people who are at risk during this pandemic (parents, grandparents, relatives, close friends and colleagues).  Please take care of yourselves, your families and loved ones; we will get through this together. 

- Andy

Changes to 3/12/20 - Published 3/16/2202

Sakon has now instituted a remote work policy for all office locations along with providing Sakon on-premise employees with guidance on safety and sufficient space to practice social distancing. Currently, all travel is prohibited for Sakon employees. 

Published: 3/12/2020

The spread of the COVID‐19 virus is a global event. At Sakon, we are focused on the safety of our employees and continued service of our customers. This document provides important information about the steps that we have taken to ensure the health of our employees and maintain business continuity if an event is triggered or if a disruption occurs.

Regarding our employees, our leadership is:   

  • monitoring national and international health organizations and centers for disease control; 
  • monitoring news from national and international sources;
  • advising employees about COVID‐19 and steps each employee can take to minimize the risk of exposure;
  • advising employees to seek medical attention if symptoms are present and to remain at home until cleared to return to work;
  • limiting in‐person meetings and encouraging the use of video conferencing;
  • restricting domestic travel to pre‐approved destinations;
  • prohibiting international travel; and prohibiting visitors from impacted locations from entering our offices. 

With respect to critical infrastructure and business continuity, we utilize data centers to minimize the impact of corporate office inaccessibility and equip our employees with laptops to enable remote working capabilities. Our IT and operations teams continuously monitor our systems, networks and infrastructure from diverse locations. Although the present risk is low, our leadership team continues to review, revise and update our preparedness to ensure employee safety and business continuity.

For additional information, please see our FAQs section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  


  1. Does Sakon have a Business Continuity Management team?
    Yes. Sakon’s Business Continuity Management (“BCM”) team has been activated and is continually monitoring the coronavirus situation.
  2. Does Sakon have a Business Continuity Plan?
    Yes. Sakon’s Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) is activated and is being reviewed, revised and updated continually by the BCM team.
  3. Can Sakon serve its customers if a quarantine is imposed in an area where an office is located?
    Yes. Critical Sakon employees can work remotely. Sakon is bolstering this ability at all locations.
  4. Has Sakon restricted domestic and international travel?
    Yes. Currently, international travel is prohibited. Domestic travel is on a pre‐approved basis.
  5. Will Sakon notify its employees, customers and vendors if an event is triggered or if Sakon’s business is impacted by the coronavirus outbreak?
    Yes. Sakon will notify its employees, customers and vendors if an event is triggered or if a disruption occurs.
  6. Is there someone to contact at Sakon if I have a question about Sakon’s preparedness for the coronavirus outbreak?
    Yes. All communications should be directed to:
    John Venditti, SVP, Client Services and Delivery
  7. If we need to report an event or a disruption to Sakon, is there someone at Sakon that we can contact?
    Yes. Please contact:
    John Venditti, SVP, Client Services and Delivery 
Disclaimer: This document is for informational purposes only. It forms no part of a contract. Nor is it a guarantee of performance or any outcome. Furthermore, this document:
  • provides basic information about our preparedness for the coronavirus outbreak;
  • reflects the current state of our understanding of the coronavirus outbreak; and
  • discloses that our plans and courses of action are evolving.