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Auto Retailer Puts Employees in the Driver’s Seat with BYOD

Executive Summary

A Fortune 500 auto retailer with hundreds of store locations wanted to significantly boost BYOD adoption (1,000+ in one year), streamline stipend payment processing, and improve mobile end-user satisfaction. It succeeded on all fronts with Sakon.

Customer Corporate Overview

One of America’s best known auto retailers, this Fortune 500 innovator leads by providing its customers a compelling user experience. Now it is doing the same for its employees, encouraging BYOD.

Industry: Retail
Headquarters: U.S.
Revenue: $17B+
Employees: 25,000
Number of mobile lines: 6,000+

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“80% of employees use personal devices for workplace tasks and almost half those users say they are more productive because of it.”
– Frost & Sullivan

When one of America’s largest auto retailers wanted to roll out a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program to support its employees’ mobility needs, it faced a challenge common to many enterprises: Where to begin?

After doing its initial due diligence, the company selected a top mobile device management (MDM) application, mistaking MDM – the key security layer of enterprise mobility – for a turnkey solution to all its BYOD needs. Even as the MDM solution capably applied the retailer’s mobile security policy, the company soon found it needed more help to manage other aspects of its corporate compliance policy, including a critical one to employees – stipend payment.

This time it turned to Sakon.

“The key role of the Sakon Platform is to orchestrate all of the services and systems required to make the end-user experience of enterprise mobility a simple, intuitive and enjoyable one,” said Amine Doukkali, Co-Founder of Sakon. “That’s why we integrate tightly with MDM, logistics, help desk, and other support providers; HR, payroll, and other enterprise administrative systems; as well as with the carriers themselves. When all these parts work together seamlessly, enterprise customers get what they want most from mobility – satisfied and productive end-users.”

Playing by the ‘Rules’

By applying its Platform’s highly configurable rules-based engine, Sakon brought together all the remaining pieces to operationalize the company’s BYOD solution:

Sakon incorporated the company’s corporate policy for mobility use – which stated a) that in order to receive a stipend for mobility an employee could not be using a corporate-provided (“corporate liable”) device, and b) and that only certain employees within the BYOD program qualified to receive a stipend – into its automated workflow, verifying this information with the company’s HR system.

Sakon then facilitated the next step in the compliance process, ensuring employees who met the stipend criteria submitted an invoice of their phone bill to payroll to ensure there was an active service attached to the device.

While there is nothing glamorous about the plumbing of efficient enterprise mobility management, the benefits are transformative. By automating the stipend compliance and reimbursement process, Sakon freed up two of the retailer’s administrators who had, prior to the new regime, been required to manually check the compliance status of each BYOD participant, a slow process that held back BYOD adoption at the company. Now with Sakon, those compliance checks are run daily against all BYOD users, hands-free.

The changes haven’t gone unnoticed by employees. Today, with Sakon, they have an easy-to-use native phone app, the Sakon Mobility App, that provides  enhanced self-service capabilities from device ordering, Help Desk, and break-fix support, to account status, usage metrics, and payment information. Employees also have access to a personalized online portal to manage their accounts, including their BYOD stipend.

“Employees today want a mobile experience at work that is as good or better, and just as easy to manage, as what they enjoy at home,” said the retailer. “Sakon is delivering on the promise of simplifying enterprise mobility, providing us a single platform to connect and manage all the processes necessary to bring BYOD to life at our company and delight our employees.”

As a result of its initial success with Sakon, the auto retailer is onboarding an additional 1,000 BYOD participants in 2019.